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Diverse. Athletic. Friendly.

The Memphis Polo Club has 16 members—men and women of all ages and skill levels--and we’re looking for more.

We play friendly practice games twice during the week, with faster, more competitive tournaments matches on the weekends. In addition to high-powered play, we frequently enjoy laid-back social events, from traditional charity soirees to casual, friendly field-side asados—traditional Argentine barbecues.

The Players

  • Jocelyn Atkinson
  • Oscar Atkinson
  • Sayle Atkinson
  • Renee Boice
  • Nick Cifuni
  • Forest Clark
  • Glenn Crosby
  • Bayard Erb
  • Brinkley Erb
  • Catherine Erb
  • Connell Erb
  • Fargason Erb
  • George Erb
  • Jack Erb
  • Scott Erb
  • Alfredo Guerreno
  • Joe Irby
  • Stuart Irby
  • Whitney Pitts
  • Jimmy Wetter
  • Midge Wilson

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